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Lucy & Juniper

Keen Perception - 14k gold and Sodalite Mala

$140.00 CAD

This beautiful, delicate 14k gold and sodalite mala is a beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one. Made with stunning sodalite and filled with delicate details, this mala will bring you login and emotional intelligence like you've never known before. Dark blue tones for optimal styling. 

Sodalite properties include:

  • brings order and calmness to the mind
  • it encourages rational thought, objectivity and truth and intuition 
  • encourages you to verbalize feelings with clarity and love
  • sodalite is correlated with the throat chakra
  • offers fusion of heart and mind
  • offers a gentle reminder to think before you speak and to always speak with kindness

Vinyl cord, 28 inches