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Grapefruit - 5 ml

$8.00 CAD

Latin Name: Citrus paradisii
Country: U.S.
Method: cold pressed
Status: organic
Grapefruit is commonly found in all sorts of cosmetic products.
Deliciously light, tangy and sweet scent that is very inviting 
This can be contributed to it's scent and it's ability to combat oiliness, acne and congested skin.
Grapefruit can also be used to disinfect the air, reduce muscle tiredness and regulate digestion and body weight
Profoundly uplifting effect on the mind, making it excellent for helping with nervousness or reducing stress 
Grapefruit carries a calm and cheerful energy 
Wonderful for quieting mental chatter and dissolving emotional energy blockages 
Helps to ensure our ego doesn't get in the way
Can allow for optimal "digestion" of new concepts and ideas